To the young men of the current High School Junior class in Ohio:

As a junior in one of the 900+ high schools in the state of Ohio, within a year you will be headed for college, the military, or the pursuit of a vocation.

This summer will be a pivotal one for you in many ways. You have much to do NOW to prepare yourself for your future.

One event this summer can assist you in preparing for your future by providing the experience of living in a college environment; the learning of leadership and management skills to serve you in any career path you choose; the formation of friendships which may last a lifetime; combined with teaching you about a vital part of every citizen's life; how our Ohio government operates and functions.

The Ohio American Legion presents the American Legion Buckeye Boys State program at Miami University.

By The Citizens
For The Citizens

American Legion Buckeye Boys State is an eight-day hands-on experience in the operation of the democratic form of government, the organization of political parties, and the relationship of one to the other in shaping Ohio government.

Founded in 1936, Buckeye Boys State is the largest Boys State program in the nation with an attendance of over 1,200 young men annually, representing nearly 600 Ohio High Schools, several on-line High Schools, and the Home Schooled Community.

The American Legion Buckeye Boys State program is sponsored by the Ohio American Legion, the largest veterans organization in the State of Ohio.

At Boys State, young men learn about city, county, and state government through a non-partisan objective education approach. The young men also form friendships which will last a lifetime!

Questions about Buckeye Boys State?
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