Hall of Fame

In 1970, the Buckeye Boys State program of the Ohio American Legion established a special award to honor and recognize the achievements and contributions made by former Buckeye Boys State citizens and others which have bettered the State of Ohio and the nation.

There are four categories of selection into the Hall of Fame:

  • Former Buckeye Boys State citizens who have achieved excellence in their professions.
  • Selected individuals who have contributed greatly to Buckeye Boys State and the youth of Ohio.
  • Former Buckeye Boys State Citizens who have given their lives in the service of our country. (These names are read from a Boys State Memorial Book during a Memorial Service held at the graduation ceremony, which concludes the Boys State program annually.)
  • All past Buckeye Boys State Presidents.

The American Legion Buckeye Boys State program proudly recognizes some of the following members of the Buckeye Boys State Hall of Fame:

Neil Armstrong1946 Boys State
First man on the moon
William Batchelder1959 Boys State
Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives
Michael Oxley1961 Boys State
U.S. Congressman
Greg Lashutka1961 Boys State
Former Mayor - Columbus
Rex Kern1966 Boys State
Ohio State University
Terence Henricks1969 Boys State
Randy Gradishar1969 Boys State
Ohio State University
Carl Walz1972 Boys State
Michael Gernhardt1973 Boys State
Joseph Johns1974 Boys State
Television Reporter
Randall Gardner1976 Boys State
Ohio Senator
Gregory Johnson1979 Boys State
Darrin Blackford1981 Boys State
U.S. Secret Service
David Moreland1989 Boys State
U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds
Jon Waters1993 Boys State
Band Director, The Ohio State University Marching Band